IP 5000 Infusion pump

  • Open system - compatible with all standard IV sets.
  • Drug library with 2000 infusion records (available in IP-5000L).
  • Drip sensor for safety and reliability.
  • Bubble detector and pressure sensor can
  • precisely detects tube air bubbles.
  • Visual and audible Alarm system and accurate infusion rate for safety and reliability.
  • Very accurate and reliable.
  • HD LCD display. High capacity of info displayed.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Dynamically display working status.
  • Three working modes: Rate control, Time control, and volumetric control mode.
  • Switch ml/h and drop/min freely.
  • 4 hours of continuous battery backup.
  • Purge function.
  • BOLUS function.
  • Automatically record the setting of last infusion.
  • Preset Solution Volume for nurse workload reduction.
  • Alarm functions: Infusion begins, End of infusion , Occlusion, Bubbles in the tube , Door open ,Wrong setting, AC power disconnected, Low battery.
  • Three levels of the occlusion: high, middle, and low.
  • Goes into KVO mode automatically as infusion is completed.
  • Eliminates false alarm with the unique design of drop sensor.
  • Easy to clean through the open door design.
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